Monday, June 11, 2007

The Terrible Two's

The terrible two´s

When I am out and about taking pictures, and enjoying the happiness of other parents often I encounter as well the confusion generated by the little ones turning two. Some of us have been there or are about to be there for the second time around, or maybe have never been there yet… Well is coming your way, and it will not stop.

Now that I look back in history and remember how difficult it was (or at least it felt that way) for my husband and myself to confront the new personality of our beloved daughter when she turned 2, the dilemma on what to do or not to do is still fresh in my mind.

But of course is so much easier to deal with others kids that your own, and so much interesting to see the results of having the hearth the patience and the knowledge on what to do (some idea at least) when the tantrums come your way.

I have no answers on what to do, but I certainly have a more understanding mind on how to take these situations.

One nice trick I have discovered by working with many toddlers is, they will be more receptive if you are calm for real, from the bottom of your soul and mind, and believe it works. It is very hard not to have any sentiments involved when you are trying to deal with a toddler tantrum, yet, if you are able to achieve a real state of calm they will pick-up on this signals and will react.

But off course is not a rule and will probably fail for many of us, yet is a nice and proactive way to try to deal with the terrible two´s.

Angela The Chic Mama

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cata said...

Calm.... this is a beautifull word!
I'm sure your trick is perfect in all the situations and with all kind of people.
When you are calm inside and deep in your soul, all around you will be better!
Your Pictures are great!
Regards from Italy,